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A Well Groomed Pet is a Healthy Pet

We all want what's best for our Pets, but not everyone thinks of Grooming when it comes to good pet health.
We can easily improve and maintain our Pet's health by keeping up with some basic maintenance.

We wouldn't think to neglect our own Personal Grooming or Hygiene.  
It not only makes us look better, it makes us feel better as well.
And it keeps us healthier.   Our Pets are no different

Like we do self examinations to find any abnormalities on our bodies, Grooming our Pets helps us become aware of their bodies.
Regular brushing, when properly done, is the best way to examine our Pet's from nose to tail.
Grooming increases the blood flow on the surface of the skin, helping to reduce shedding, and helps us notice any changes on the skin or tissues like irritations, rashes, minor cuts, etc. That awareness allows us to take care of these findings before they become bigger Health Issues.
Just as we wash our faces and brush our hair everyday, we should give our Pets the same routine.

At Azzaro, we offer a Professional Grooming Service for your Pet, to make them feel better, and looking their best!
Your Pet will always be handled by caring Professionals who take pride, and time, in offering the finest services at reasonable prices, without the use of any grooming restraints or muzzles.

We use the Plush Puppy Range of Grooming Products, from an Internationally respected Grooming Product Company.
All Plush Puppy products have been designed from secret formulas created by the late Cheryl Le Court.   Cheryl and Jon Le Court are world renowned for their hairdressing expertise and for many, many years have been producing hair products for the world.   Their venture into the dog showring began over 20 years ago, and Cheryl saw the need for specialised dog coat care products.   Plush Puppy do not test on animals and wherever possible only use products that are organic or naturally sourced.  Where the product does not lend itself to a natural source, they use as mild an alternative as possible.

We are able to offer our Grooming Services while your Dog is staying with us, or on a day to suit you.
If you work, no problem!   Dogs can be dropped off to us on your way to work from 7.30am, and collected when your day is finished.
When they are not being groomed they can enjoy our very spacious areas too.

Full Groom
Warm Bath using a Shampoo and Conditioner to suit your Dog and their Coat type, Blow Dry, Brush out, Hair Trim/Clip, Ear Clean, Nail Clip
 from $50.00 

Warm Bath using a Shampoo and Conditioner to suit your Dog and their Coat type, Blow Dry, Ear Clean, Nail Clip
from $20.00

Plush Pet Grooming Products for Sale
We have a full range of Plus Pet Grooming Products for you to use at Home, making it easier for your Dog/Cat/Rabbit or Guinea Pigs coat to remain in good condition after their groom, and so helping to remain tangle free, as well as smelling nice to you, and making them feel good!

Call us on 06 3672557, or 027 2428423  email - for a day and time that suits you.



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